9 Landscaping Tips to Make Your Curb Appeal Pop

9 Landscaping Tips to Make Your Curb Appeal Pop

Everybody talks about how important it is for sellers to prepare their Newtown houses for sale so that buyers are left with a positive first impression.

That first impression actually starts when buyers and their agents drive up to the curb – before they even walk through the front door.

So as important as it is to spruce up and stage the interior of your home, it’s just as important to have the outside of your home and the front yard looking as sharp as possible — hence the term “curb appeal.”

The first step in selling Newtown homes, of course, is to hire an experienced real estate agent who will give you great advice on how to prepare your home before listing. An experienced agent knows what buyers are looking for and what comparable homes have sold for. His or her advice can go a long way toward getting a top-dollar offer for the home you’ve lovingly cared for over the years.

In tandem with preparing the interior of your home for showing, here are some landscaping tips to make the curb appeal pop at Newtown houses for sale:

Green Grass

This is probably the most obvious landscaping tip for making your curb appeal pop. If you have a big front lawn, fertilize it and keep it watered in the weeks before you list your home to keep it nice and green. Regular watering will keep unsightly brown spots from developing. Depending on the time of year you are selling your home, check with a landscaping service and see if your lawn also needs to be aerated. While you can rent an aeration machine and do the job yourself, it’s probably a lot easier and more time-efficient if you hire a pro. Mow your lawn regularly, keep the edges trimmed, and rake any leaves. Weed if necessary.

Trim Trees and Hedges

Trim bushes and shrubs in your front yard, particularly any growing right in front of your house that could block any portion of your front windows. If you have trees in your front yard, either trim them yourself or have a professional do it. Having shrubbery and trees neatly trimmed lets buyers know that you have kept your front yard properly landscaped.

Plant Flowers

Your front yard should not look bare, so if there are swaths of empty space, plant some colorful flowers that perk up the front yard and make your home even more attractive. If you already have a flower bed, tidy it up and consider adding a few more plants.

Add Flower Boxes

Another neat idea for livening up the front of your house is to add window boxes full of flowers. You can either buy window boxes at your local nursery or at a home improvement store, or you could make your own if you have the time and inclination. The additional color and beauty are sure to add to your curb appeal.

Paint the Front Door

Owners looking to really liven up the curb appeal of their Newtown houses for sale should paint their front door in a bright, pleasant color that contrasts with the exterior paint. While you don’t want to use a garish color, don’t be afraid to go with a bold color that will really draw a buyer’s interest. Make sure to try out several paint swatches before deciding which color to use. This is one of the cheaper projects that pump up your curb appeal. At the same time, swap out the door hardware for something new and sophisticated that really stands out and is welcoming when buyers come to tour your home.

Clean the Front Porch

Clean and spruce up the rest of the front porch. Wash it off and add planters, if necessary. Check for cobwebs under the eaves. Wash off the front porch light, or replace it if it’s old and worn. If you do get a new light, try to match it to the front door hardware. Lastly, buy a new, simple welcome mat, preferably one with no message on it.

Clean or Replace the Mailbox

The mailbox needs attention, too. Whether you have a wall-mounted mailbox on your porch or a mailbox mounted on a post out on the street, either clean and paint it, or replace it. If you replace it, try to find something that matches the porch light and the door hardware to tie them all together in an attractive look.

Clean and Repair Sidewalks and Walkways

Check your sidewalks and walkways for cracks and either repair them yourself or hire a handyman to do it. Power wash them to remove built-up dirt and grime. If you have a deck attached to the front of your house, power wash it or give it a fresh coat of stain to make it shine.

Don’t Forget the Roof

While buyers of Newtown houses for sale will certainly give the front yard and porch a good look when they arrive, they will also eyeball the roof. Check your roof to see if it needs to be repaired or cleaned. If any shingles or tiles are missing, hire a roofer or handyman to replace them. Any missing tile or shingles can give the impression that there is a problem with the roof, which can scare off buyers. You don’t want them thinking that they’re going to have to replace the roof, which can be a big, expensive job. If your roof is tile or stone, have it power washed by a professional to clean away years of grime and dirt. It will look brand new. Depending on the layout of your yard and porch, there may be other projects that will boost the curb appeal of Newtown houses for sale. For 100% satisfaction when buying or selling Newtown homes in 2021, contact Mark and Tina for assistance.

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