How We Market Your Home Online

How We Market Your Home Online

In an increasingly digital era, almost every home buying search starts online. A growing fad among younger generations even involves scanning notable home-selling websites like Zillow for fun. More and more people are attracted to the modernity and convenience of simply opening their phone and pulling up a website that lists all the available houses for sale in the area of their choosing.
As such, it is increasingly important for sellers to launch a full-scale digital marketing campaign that includes professional photography, virtual home tours, video footage, and more. With an influx of people choosing the digital world as the primary marketing tool to sell, you need to stand out.
Mark + Tina specialize in the luxury marketplace. However, they are also happy to assist first-timers who are new to the buying process. Their combined experience is advantageous to buyers who aren’t sure how to navigate the online world just yet and especially to sellers who need assistance knowing the best way to market their property on the internet.

The basics of online marketing

Marketing your house online is not unlike selling items on eBay or creating an attractive dating profile. You should be honest but also present your best self –– or in this case, your property’s strengths. Don’t lead potential buyers astray by using old or blurry photographs, and it’s never a good idea to get heavy-handed with editing software and filters. Professional pictures will make your home look good without the need for too much fine-tuning.

Mark + Tina will create a dynamic and compelling digital marketing campaign for you that pulls out all the stops and entices prospective buyers with stunning images that showcase your home in the best light. The idea is to attract buyers enough that they want to come to see your house in person. While the buying process does start online, it typically ends with a face-to-face meeting. The goal is to get people to want to visit your property in real life.

If a buyer arrives at your home and immediately realizes that the online photographs were inaccurate or over-filtered, odds are they aren’t going to be happy, and they definitely aren’t going to make an offer. Luckily for their clients, Mark + Tina are tech-savvy professionals with a comprehensive understanding and expertise of the digital landscape. Find out what you can expect from their online marketing campaign.

Hiring a professional photographer to take stunning pictures

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The adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is the pinnacle of online marketing in real estate. Taking the best photographs of your property is essential to the selling process and can significantly affect how long your home stays on the market. Photos are what initially captivates a buyer’s interest in your house.

Mark + Tina work with the best local photographers to ensure their sellers receive the absolute best assistance in photographing their homes. The key aspect of professional photography is that skilled photographers utilize high-quality cameras and equipment to ensure everything from the lighting and exposure to the room layout and composition is just right. Smartphones won’t cut it in this instance.

Even if you have a professional camera yourself, that doesn’t automatically equate to great photos. An expert in the field will know the best time of day to shoot, the right angles, and optimal camera settings to create quality images. Professional services might also provide access to drones that can take pictures of your home’s exterior and even aerial photography that will make your listing stand out.

A bird’s eye view of your home is a unique add-on that will give you a significant leg up against the competition because it gives buyers the chance to see what your property looks like in full, including the entire front and backyard, in addition to a look at what the neighborhood looks like and how this property fits into the community.

Before a professional photographer is hired, it’s essential to get your home prepared for the marketplace via deep cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalization. Mark + Tina offer a hassle-free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price with Compass Concierge. This service allows you to front the cost of home improvement service with zero interest.

Virtual staging

Most sellers will understand the benefits of getting their home professionally staged, but did you know that you can also have your property virtually staged? With so many people using the internet to search online listings, virtual staging can really elevate your photos and cause people to take notice. Virtual staging is the process of using advanced editing software to add specific furnishings to any new room.

Now, you might wonder if that is misleading to a buyer, but typically virtual staging is an interactive experience, and agents disclose that it is a virtual rendering so buyers understand what they are looking at. Virtual staging is not the same as doctoring an image to look better than it appears, and the disclosure keeps buyers in the loop.

Buyers can actually experiment with different settings to get an idea of what your house would look like with different furniture, design styles, and color schemes. As virtual reality and technology become a significant aspect of the real estate industry, immersive staging is a great way to help buyers purchase homes remotely.

What does virtual staging include?

  • Before and after settings for comparison’s sake
  • Agents can choose a specific color scheme that best highlights the home’s features
  • A choice between different design styles or even something customized
  • Furniture removal or additions

Create a 3D tour and include the floorplan

People today appreciate having access to virtual reality because it saves them time and energy in the long run. While most buyers will still want to visit a property in person before making an offer, sometimes it’s not feasible if they live in other parts of the country. Through VR technology, they can take a virtual tour of the house and get a sense of what it is actually like to be there.

A virtual tour allows people to look through a house at their own pace and explore the entire property from top to bottom. You can even add additional information about your house’s unique characteristics and features.

Benefits of virtual tours

  • Qualified buyers can look at your home from other states or even different countries
  • Allows qualified buyers to get a better understanding of the house’s space and layout
  • Buyers can get a feel for what it might be like to live there
  • Virtual tours can be viewed anytime however many times someone wants

Social media

Social media is a fantastic and engaging way to market your home online. Tina and Mark have embraced social media and created comprehensive strategies to get the most out of these platforms. Not only are social media platforms free and easy to use, but they’re an ideal method to activate the town and neighborhood where your home is located.

As most people know, location is one of the most important factors buyers consider when purchasing a new house. It’s important to highlight the community’s strengths and weaknesses, and social media is an efficient and fun way to do that. Social media also fosters a direct link between your agents and potential buyers.

People who have questions or concerns can easily touch base via Facebook or Twitter to learn more about the property, features, or neighborhood. These websites are also a great way to advertise photos and video footage of the house to entice buyers into researching further and learning more about the listing. Most real estate agents use a combination of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for their social media campaigns. TikTok is also becoming an increasingly popular tool.

The National Association of REALTORS® has even devised an in-depth series of social media marketing strategies that will help give you an idea of what to expect from this specific campaign.

Mark + Tina are experienced real estate professionals serving all of Buck County. If you are looking for homes for sale in New Hope or luxury Newtown homes, Mark Coala and Tina House would be honored to assist you.

For sellers seeking assistance to devise an expert marketing plan, Team Caola has the experience and knowledge to create a compelling listing that will stand out. Reach out to Mark + Tina for expert assistance.

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