11 Kitchen Trends to Try in Your Newtown Home

11 Kitchen Trends to Try in Your Newtown Home

People’s needs for their homes have transformed dramatically in the past few years. During 2020 and 2021, people required their homes not only to function as living spaces but also as an office, education facility for their children, fitness center, and more. As we move farther into 2022, homeowners’ wants and needs for their properties continue to evolve. If you’re considering some kitchen upgrades for your home in Newton, Pennsylvania, here are some things you can try out that will keep you in style and on top of all the latest trends.

Kitchen trends to try in your Newton home

Glazed tile backsplash

You are likely familiar with tiled backsplash, but the new emerging trend is glazed tile. Not only are these easier to clean, but they also help bounce light around the room to make your kitchen appear brighter and more spacious. This material works fantastically with earth tones such as browns, dark greens, and navy blues. They add a pop of color to your kitchen while contrasting the white, black, or gray marble countertops. If you want a more muted look, you can always use a white glazed tile that will brighten your room without the contrast. Regardless of the color you choose, it will enhance the whole look of your kitchen.

Vintage or antique furniture

Pennsylvania is an older state with a rich history. If you want to incorporate some of this and use it as inspiration, it could be the perfect fit for your kitchen. This will still cultivate an elegant atmosphere in your home if done right but also leave it with a storied ambiance. Introducing pieces like a farmhouse table, a hutch to display your fancier dishes and glassware, period-style lighting, or a butler sink can all enrich the appearance of your kitchen. While you may think this will make your home seem older, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, it can make your home feel established and timeless – full of history and life.

Glass partitions

The past years have brought in the open concept floor plan and made it a staple for many homes. However, coming in 2022, the open concept is on its way out, and putting up walls is back in.

This could be due to the pandemic having adults working from home while kids are attending school virtually. Having everyone in the family home all day long showed people how much harder it is to get their work done when spaces weren’t walled off and designated. This informs a new trend finding its way into homes – glass partitions. This leaves your home with a definitive area sectioned off while still maintaining a feeling of spaciousness. This trend also keeps light flowing into your kitchen from the other rooms in the house and gives you the best of both worlds by allowing some privacy without being completely walled off.

Metal hoods

While hoods have been custom-made with a variety of materials in the past, a more rustic feeling is popular in 2022. Metal hoods are making their way back in, as they give off a less put together and more eclectic feel to your kitchen.

Metal hoods may have a specific look, but they can transform through color. You can paint them to incorporate any color pop you want to add to your kitchen, giving this trend a dual purpose of adding dynamic texture and visual variety. If you are wondering what color to use, find what speaks most to you, or you can even incorporate some of the colors you see in your natural surroundings. Newton, NJ has plenty of green spaces and vegetation and a plethora of red brick buildings throughout the city. Either of these colors could enhance the aesthetic presentation of the kitchen.

Layered lighting

The key to lighting your kitchen is to map out the areas you need lit the most without overdoing it and then install a landing strip of lights in your kitchen. Different lights with different styles and heights will give you the lighting you need for your day-to-day functions while adding dimension and design to the space. Find the covers or fixtures that add personality while still blending into the architectural style you cultivated and install them into the places you need them.

Open shelves

Instead of hiding your kitchen essentials away in cabinets, try utilizing an open shelf which will make everything you need easy to find and put on display. The main thing to consider when incorporating this trend is to have a method to your madness, meaning placing items strategically so they look pleasing but are also near the areas they will be used most. You can also combine traditional decorations alongside your glassware and plates to break them up and add more personality to the room.

Natural elements

Using materials and colors found in nature is expected to be one of the biggest design trends of 2022. We first saw this boom during the pandemic, and it has only heightened since. With so much time spent inside, many found the need to bring nature to them when they couldn’t get outside as much.

There are a multitude of ways to bring nature into your kitchen, such as installing marble or granite countertops, wood cabinets, shelves and furniture, and even woven basket textures in everything from bowls to lighting fixtures. These elements can either bring warmth or cool tones into your kitchen, depending on which aesthetic suits the style you are trying to cultivate.

Mesh cabinetry

If you don’t want the open shelf but still want to show off your plates and glassware, mesh cabinetry could be for you. This gives you cabinets to store everything away but with a textured accent that still allows you to peek inside. A fantastic part about this trend is not only will it add some texture to your kitchen, but you can also have it add some elegant color pops as well. If you have painted your cabinets blue or green, adding gold mesh will make your kitchen warmer, while using a silver or metal tone will add a nice contrast if you have dark wood.


All-white kitchens have been fashionable for a while, but now color is stepping back into the scene. Using color in areas like cabinets, chairs, backsplashes, or lighting fixtures is a great way to incorporate this trend without having color be the main focus in the kitchen. Some people are even opting to use shades from opposite sides of the color wheel to create a contrast, such as having a green backsplash with pink cabinets. Depending on the ambiance of your kitchen, this could be great to try out. Otherwise, a simple repainting of the walls or cabinets will do.

Marble countertops

This trend has been in for a while now, and it is still going strong. Marble counters put your kitchen at the height of a luxury aesthetic. Marble comes in various color combinations, like white and gold, gray and white, and black and gray. Select which shades work the best with the fixtures and cabinets you have chosen to make a cohesive look for your whole kitchen. This also can bring in some nice contrast and texture to your kitchen in an effortless way, and it pairs well with any material, including metal, wood, and ceramic.

Gold finishes

Speaking of luxury, nothing makes this statement more than gold. Adding gold finishes is a decadent choice and can be used on faucets, cabinet handles, and chair legs to add an elegant flair to your space. Gold also comes in various tones, from bright to a more muted and rustic feel, so you can find a shade that will work with the other components you have already installed.

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